Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Educational TV can be educational

I am of the belief that just because something says that it is healthy does not mean it is. For example, "low fat" to me means "less bad" rather than actually being "good". I originally was of the same opinion on educational TV. TV is brain rot for children (which is sometimes worth the quiet it brings). However, there have been two cartoons on PBS that have changed my view: Super Why and Sid the Science Kid.

Our daughter rarely seemed to be that interested in learning letters from mother and father, but once she started to watch Super Why she really started to pick up on all of the letter understanding the show brought. She had the alphabet down after just a couple weeks of watching the show once in a day. Entertaining education really worked for her.

Sid the Science Kid is the latest show that actually teaches our daughter something. She has learned about washing your hands to remove germs, what "melting" means, and what seeds are good for. I am a real fan of this show.