Monday, August 10, 2009

Use of Grocery Store Data

I am sure all of you have seen or used a grocery store card to receive discounts on purchases. These cards allow stores to link together purchases made over time to a single customer. I know there are many potential uses to this kind of data. On Friday I finally saw a use to this data that I agree with. Kroger sent my family in the mail personalized coupons. These coupons were for in all but one case items that we have bought in the past. We plan on actually using these coupons. I am not sure what the incentives are for Kroger, but I will be glad to use coupons for things my family was planning on purchasing anyways.

Well done Kroger.


Tim said...

If you buy enough Tombstone pizzas, they'll send you a coupon for a free one.
We've gotten two or three free pizzas so far...
By the way, I'm pretty certain that Krogers and Smiths are the same company.

Brentwell said...

Tim, no doubt Smiths and Krogers are one in the same. Take a look at either The Kroger Co. or Wikipedia. Enjoy your Tombstone!

pencilpointart said...

I hate being tracked, but it's the only way I get the discounted prices. I got coupons from Smith's today, but I only tore off one that I would actually use. I guess they don't give out coupons for veggies like they used to. I'm not your typical buyer. Coupons get customers to come to their store to spend more money than they do on foods purchased with coupons. Getting you inside their store is what gets them business. I still like Costco for their return policy, I know I will get top quality and they are fast. The only thing I don't like about Costco is their warehouse appearance, because its is noisy and hard on my ears; and they discontinue items that I like.
Love you,