Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fix quiet microphone on Acer Aspire 5100 after install Windows 7

After installing Windows 7 on my system the microphone was extremely quiet with the default Microsoft drivers. I finally was able to fix the problem using the following steps:
  1. Download driver from Acer.com (http://global-download.acer.com/GDFiles/Driver/Audio/Audio_Realtek_10.0.5605_Vistax86.zip?acerid=633640464374493351&Step1=Notebook&Step2=Aspire&Step3=Aspire%205100&OS=V10&LC=en&BC=Acer&SC=PA_6).
  2. Next disable Windows automatic driver download and installation. Type "change device installation settings" into Start and select the option of the same name. Change the settings to either "No..." and "Never..." or "No..." and "Install...if not found...". (This is the critical step.)
  3. I also changed the driver install to work in compatibility mode. This is done by right clicking on the Setup.exe, selecting properties > compatibility and changing to Vista mode.
  4. Install the drivers and restart your computer. If you are as lucky as me then your built in microphone will now work.


Matthew said...

brilliant !!!

just paved my 3 year old acer 5100 with win 7 ult... had same problem... found the driver yesterday... didnt fix it... so i did the two tweaks you said... the driver install mode was a new idea... i woulda done the vista compat thing anyway... but i think the tweaw was perfect... and now it works... and faster than new... i had the 3 yr bumper to bumper... just got it back with a new lcd and a new MB... so got a 500gb 7200 rpm seagate... booted off the win 7 ult dvd... found everything after a couple of microsoft updates... but still didnt find the built in mic... your fix saved me at least 4 hours of dickin around... and i am an IT engineer... over 100 certs and exams... in IT for $$$ since 1987... so any shortcuts are nice to find... so kudos and thanks for your post...!!! shabam !!!!!

オテモヤン said...


Tim said...

I rebuilt my aging Acer Aspire 5100 laptop with Windows 7 on a Samsung 830 256GB SSD drive. Thought I had downloaded all of the drivers of interest from Acer. Some of those were tricky because this is really a Windows Vista era machine. The built-in microphone did not work when I tried it with Google Chrome's new speech-to-text feature. Followed your recommendation and now it does. Good work. Thanks. tim

Anonymous said...

really a great job!!! it works!
Thank you